I combine technology and people in meaningful ways.

My background is in analytics and development. Even since I could touch a keyboard, I’ve been in love with technology.

My degree is in public relations, with my focus being in digital marketing and communications. I have been at the intersection of digital marketing and web development my entire career.

I’m currently in pursuit of my master’s in product innovation and design at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Data Driven Decisions

My background is analytics. KPI’s, Metrics, OKR’s, data models, and more. I identify trends and performance metrics to drive growth for projects and products.  learn more

Development and Technology

I have been developing for the web for over 16 years. I’m constantly learning new programming languages and technologies. IoT, Advanced Computing, 3d Printing, Virtual Reality, and more. I’m always working on new projects involving these technologies.  learn more

Project Planning

Requirements gathering, project planning, sprints, forecasting, budgets, documentation, and more. I’ve implemented a lot of digital projects over the years.  learn more

User Centric

User feedback, A/B/N testing, Demographic Research, and user training. I help products grow by discovering what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, and what the end users are really looking for.  learn more

Places I’ve Worked

Here’s a list of all the places I’ve worked over the years.

What colleagues say

Here’s what former partners, coworkers, colleagues, and managers have all said about me.

Over the course of the last year and a half I have been working closely with Adam and have found him to be very knowledgable about data analytics and an absolute pleasure to work with. Adam is a great communicator and has has an ability to translate business needs into technical requirements. One couldn’t ask for a better business partner than Adam and our team will miss working with him.

Isabell Rondslaett
Partner Manager, Google Analytics 360 Suite

Adam is the type of person who throws himself head first into projects with enthusiasm. Adam learns new concepts and ideas quickly and will often pour himself into his work.  He has demonstrated ability to help and lift others where he can while being a part of a team. He is committed to seeing a project through to completion and asks for help where it’s needed. Adam is a fun, outgoing and outspoken person who tries to make others feel welcome and appreciates different perspectives and world views.

Jason Case
Director of Implementation at Blast Analytics & Marketing

Adam’s understanding of business intelligence and how it impacts business is second to none. He is always learning and studying trends. He has a tremendous ability to paint the picture and help stakeholders understand important KPIs. Highly recommended.

Nickolas Passig
Product Management, Technical Project Management, Digital Marketing