About Me

About Me

I’m originally from Richmond, VA and live out west in Pueblo, Colorado. I have a background in web development, digital communications, a degree in public relations and a specialty in digital marketing.

I have developed websites email marketing, analytics implementations, and digital marketing campaigns for a wide variety of businesses including a Fortune 100 financial firm, an international non-profit, digital marketing agency, and the second largest print news company in the United States.

Recently I’ve built two new businesses The-VR.Market, and Silverbikeanalytics.com.

When I’m not developing websites or learning to be a better programmer, I enjoy reading, cooking, spending time with my cats, and working on other technology related hobbies (mostly Arduino programming and video games).

Outside of my professional background, I’ve been a parachute packer, BBQ pit master, Doorman at a Five Star Five Diamond hotel, Licensed minister (recognized in the State of Louisiana), well driller and more.