Stuff I do

Here's a list of all the wonderful things I do

Web Development

I make websites for your business, restaurant, band, portfolio, hobby site, whatever!


I have my own Analytics consultancy !


Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM, and SEO. I'll help your organization come up with new campaigns.

Hobby Stuff

I love all things nerd, Arduino programming, VR development and more!

About Me

Internet obsessed geek who likes to make things awesome.

Stuff I've Made

Here's my portfolio, it's mostly websites for now.

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Email, Social Media, All the Usual Channels


Sometimes I write stuff about things.

New website

Not that I ever had regular followers of this site or blog, but I’ve decided to revamp my old site. I’ve decided to make 2017 a year of change for me. Outside of this site, I’ve decided that I need to make a change about my life in general. There’s a lot happening in this […]