Stuff I Do

This is a list of things I do. Work stuff, Hobby Stuff, and more!

Web Development

If you need a simple marketing website for your business. I've built sites for lots of different businesses, nonprofits, and more.


I have my own consultancy which specializes in Web Analytics!


Email marketing, Social Media Marketing or Search Advertising. I have a strong background in digital marketing.

Other Fun Stuff

Come here for all my other fun stuff. Arduino projects, Game development, VR development and all the other nerd hobbies I have.

About Me

I'm a dude who spends too much time on the internet discovering all the things that make it awesome.

Sites I've Made

These are some of the sites I've built for myself or clients

Contact Me

Email, Social Media, All the usual channels.

My Blog

Here's where I write about all the funky stuff I'm up to.

Hello world!

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